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Belt filter manufacturers complement each other different machines specialist

Belt filter manufacturers introduced "sintered" method: powder particles sprayed on a tray, forming a very thin layer of powder, and then spray the liquid adhesive curing, or laser, electron current melt the powder sintering, layer after layer of the stack complete. In such a way when printing, print if the complex structure containing hole and cantilever, print or need to add gel or other material, to support or to occupy the space, need to clear this part after printing. Variety of print media, plastic, metal, ceramic, rubber-like material, you can also print the food, even can print using human cells into organs.
Belt filter manufacturers introduced the principle from the above comparison, we can see clearly both have advantages and disadvantages. Engraving on existing profiles or semi-finished products can be processed, the material required is not high, the processing of materials and easy to get, cheap, can be metal, wood, stone, plastic, and can be quite large sizes.