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Chamber filter press plate manufacturer on the Thermoplastic extrusion technology

Today, most of the 3D printer is the print head from your computer control find a semi fluid material to objects. Chamber filter press plate manufacturer to introduce this process can use a variety of materials, including metal, concrete, ceramic, and chocolate, but so far, the most common of the Thermoplastic extrusion material is melted plastic.
Learn more about 3D printing, the more I think this is an ever-changing industry, one of the many different terms can sometimes refer to the same thing, especially by Thermoplastic extrusion to print objects this process. The technology should be simply called "Thermoplastic extrusion", compared with the general statement is "extruded". In fact, the global standards body United States International Association for testing and materials (ASTM International), announced in June 2012, this 3D printing standard common name is "extruded".
Chamber filter press plate manufacturer introduced the concept above and perhaps easier to understand but Thermoplastic extrusion technology inventors of Stratasys Corporation makes things up, this is a market-leading company, which refer to this technique as "Fused deposition modeling (FDM)". FDM was referring to the concept (and abuse) as Thermoplastic extrusion, is generally understood as material extrusion technology.