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Excellent open road of plate and frame filter press power industry

1. Structure
The filtering device by cylinder, filter liquid boards, mirrors, bi-directional clamping device, loop pipe system. Open the inlet valve, filter begins, the filtrate is transportation to a designated storage tank.
2. Working principle
Slurry pump to filter in, upper after the emptying valve display full of slurry filter, stop feeding.
Open loop piping systems, slurry loop filter a filter body, monitors mirrors, when observed with the naked eye to meet the quality requirements, closed loop pipe system, open the valve, filter start filtrate that is delivered to a designated storage tank.
Stainless steel powder activated carbon filters can be divided into two types: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 for heating filters. 2 for the common type.
3. Product features
The device uses a bi-directional compact structure, free of leaks. And with high efficiency, high filtrate clarification. Unique system, shortening the filtration cycle. Meet the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry specifications. Low labor intensity, covers an area of small. You can use filter cloth, filter papers, filter and sintered metal fiber felt as filter media.