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Filter plate expansion system for membrance filter press


People who know the filter press know that the membrance filter has a filter plate expansion system, which is different from other filter presses. The next to come to introduce the role of the next expansion system.

        When the filter chamber in the filter chamber is full, the filter press will stop the separation of the work, because when the space bar is filled with filter plate, the filter will not be able to wear through the filter cake, so in this case the device Will stop running, and will automatically close the feed port, this time the filter plate expansion system will automatically start working.

        Membrance filter press expansion system work will first start the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil transmission to the filter plate, filter plate and filter plate between the amount of space will put these hydraulic oil storage, when the hydraulic oil to a certain The filter plate will start to expand, the filter plate will be inflated at the same time will be squeezed to the cake, the cake will be compressed squeeze will not only increase the location of the filter room, but also filter the moisture content of the cake is reduced.