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Filter plate material determines the life of filter press

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Familiar with the filter press people know that the filter can achieve a good filter effect depends on the filter plate, filter plate in the filter press operation plays a vital role, then everyone understand how much about the filter plate? Whether to understand the filter plate material is also the reason to determine the life of filter press. Here with everyone to see it.

       The first is the filter plate material.

       About the filter plate material, after statistical use of polypropylene is the most obvious effect, this component can withstand the threat of oxidation and high temperature, so that the general quality of the filter plate are high-end products. Resistance to oxidation and high temperature is also an important criterion for the quality of the filter plate.

      The second is the flow path between the plates.

       When the material is transported to the filter chamber, through the above shunt pipe, the filtrate will be sent to each of the two filter plate extrusion formed by the filter chamber; after pressing, the filtrate will filter out through the filter cloth, and then gathered at the lower edge of the filter plate, the water is drained from the equipment through the communication pipe, which completes the entire solid-liquid separation process.

       So we in the purchase of filter press must pay attention to the material of the filter plate, etc., to insure the selection of high-quality filter press.