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High-pressure elastic belt type filter press for mass customization

Future almost all high-pressure elastic belt type filter press can print with 3D technology, including aircraft manufacturing. Although this sounds crazy, but Airbus is a small project group designed a revolutionary plane, it will be lighter than traditional weight 65% because it can rely on 3D printed plastic resin. Although the aircraft as well as 3D printers can produce this aircraft may take until 2050 to become available, but in 2011, Airbus parent company EADS launched the £ 2.6 million in additive manufacturing center was established at the University of Exeter. The aim of the research institutions are developing 3D printed parts of aircraft, including the Airbus A380.
DDM is one of the advantages to achieve mass customization, because on a 3D printer to print out the two objects are not identical. Some forerunners of the high-pressure elastic belt filters, 3D printing has been aiming at the market opportunity and started some innovative product for mass customization. For example, visit the Web site, to customize a phone model, for example, it will provide you with the digital photos for you to make a bulge on the back of 3D products. Similarly, site invites visitors to upload photos front and side of the face, and then it will generate a colored 3D head model. Customers can print d head model to the plastic one used occasionally when making excursions on a LEGO model. In addition, customers can also purchase their 3D portrait photos of faces or masks.