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How to provide a suitable filter mining production equipment

According to categories to score, and we can filter into the vacuum belt filter, magnetic filtration equipment, folding belt filter equipment and pressure filters, four, vacuum filters and can be divided into external filter cylindrical filter, filter cylindrical filter equipment and disc filters three types. How to choose a suitable filter mining production equipment? Division of which we need reasonable according to type.
If you want to select the vacuum belt filter, we have based on the nature of filtering materials, concentrate, pulp properties and moisture of product requirements and other factors to determine exactly what kind.
In the midst of this, ore, magnetite concentrate "of magnetic agglomeration" phenomenon is quite common, so generally use inside filtering filtering equipment. Within filter type filter equipment main used to filter both contains rough grain, and contains fine grain of fine mine, for some rough grain fine mine effect more obviously, in filter Shi can makes rough grain priority accumulation in filter cake of most lower, makes filter cloth surface formed a rough grain "bed layer", reduced filter cloth of eyelets jam, improve filtrate through speed, to can improve filter equipment of production efficiency.