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Membrans filter press classification

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Membrans filter press with high press pressure, good corrosion resistance and so on. A new generation of membrans from the material can be divided into: rubber membrans and polymer elastomer membrans membrans filter press.

       Rubber membrans  filter press for weak acid, weak base, and is not an organic solvent filter material is ideal, rubber membrans filter to change the past split fixed (with two rubber plates with screws fixed on the plate) to save After the energy consumption, rubber membrans tympanic membrane is more fully, the use of pressure and gas volume is relatively small, in the same gas source gas situation, the rubber membrans is the polymer membrane tympanic membrane three times, can greatly reduce energy consumption.

       High molecular elastomer membrans filter press is used in strong acid, alkali and organic solvent materials, the performance is relatively more ideal, longer service life. The press is divided into gas (air) press and liquid (water) press, to meet the needs of different industries. According to customer needs pressing components can be configured food grade and general level, control can be used PLC and man-machine interface. For the general material, diaphragm tympanic membrane after 3-15 minutes, you can fully play the role of squeezing dehydration. For some special materials can also be used after the first low-pressure press after pressing crushing methods (such as the dye and pigment industry to use more).

       Membrans  filter press to meet the efficient dehydration of the filtration process, and to protect the filter to play the best filter effect. The use of diaphragm filter press can greatly reduce the moisture content of the filter cake and greatly improve the yield.

       After the end of the feed process, the filter cake is pressed to improve the efficiency of the machine, increase the dryness of the filter cake, reduce the pollution and reduce the labor force. In some processes can be removed from the drying process. If the blowing operation is increased before and after pressing, the cake moisture content is further reduced.

       In a special rare earth industry can also be pressed, and then feed, and then squeeze the method of reciprocating many times, of course, need to design a special operation process.

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