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Practice of safe operation of filter press

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Article 1, must go through the professional and safety of the work, technical training, examination qualified, obtain operational qualification certificate, before the holders of certificates.

Article 2, master the basic theory of pressure filtration dehydration, the factory slime water system, the number of pressure filter material and particle size composition, pressure filter product index requirements.

Article 3, familiar with the work of the press filter equipment, structure, familiar with the hydraulic system, slime feed system and filtrate emissions, to grasp the correct use and operation methods.

Article 4, familiar with the work of the post equipment, parking procedures and operations, as well as inspection, analysis to prevent a simple fault method.

Article 5, strict implementation of the "coal preparation plant safety regulations", technical operating procedures, job responsibility system, shift system and other relevant provisions.

Article 6, when the work according to the provisions of wearing uniforms and wear related labor protection supplies.