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Reason for filter into filter

1. filtration efficiency:
Traditional filters, due to design and manufacturing constraints, making filter filter attachment for its smaller, resulting in the filter area. As we all know, filter equipment for the filtration of small area that means the low efficiency of the equipment, processing capacity, and so on. However, industry needs a high efficiency, high capacity equipment, filter can not meet the market demand, the market needs to urgently develop a device to break through the bottleneck of the development of the filter, so the filter listed to meet the demand for this kind of market.
2. filtering ranges:
Continue to develop and expand the industrial market, some old industries, filtration equipment, some new industries need to filter devices, but different in nature from different industries need to filter liquids. Therefore, performance varies, traditional filter can not very well applied to industry needs. In order to achieve a wide range of practical filter filtering needs a lot of improvement, makes the kind of liquid filtration equipment of filtration and separation needs expansion, so as to enhance the equipment filter range.
All factors tells the filter equipment in common, but precisely because of these similarities, a machinery--pressure filter.