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Teach you how to check the filter is good or bad

First and foremost for tightness testing of the machine. Rated under the pressing situation, using feeler gauges to check clearance between the sealing surfaces, sealing surfaces criteria is less than 1.5mm, and the exclusion of 1.25 times the pressure of the liquid is brought into the liquid for 5 minutes, so that we can check its seal. When the hydraulic clamping devices, applied 1.25 times the rated pressure, stop the observed after pressure clamping device pressure pressure drop table within 20 minutes, check the parts and components exposed face of the clamping device connection seal. Also requires noise control in the GB/t10894 below. Filter plate pull bodies: one open, operate 30 times in a row; block-by-block apart, operate in a continuous loop 10 times. Manually open the filter filter plates and clamping device can do 5 consecutive cycles. So as to ensure the filter plate opened the institution is reasonable.
Then there is the testing of welds. Filters in the process of running, it will produce high voltage, so the demands are very high on weld, there can be a little sloppy, welding standards required by GB/t2650 to perform. In addition to testing the carbon steel plate, where if there is a stainless steel, corrosion test as required by GB/t4334.1~GB/t4334.5, best stainless austenitic stainless steel.