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The filter press explosion-proof

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Explosion means that when the explosive concentration of explosive substances and oxygen out of the limits of the explosion, if there is explosive substances, it will explode.

    1.explosion must be three conditions:

    1) Explosive substances are substances that react with oxygen, including gases, liquids, solids. (Such as: hydrogen, acetylene, methane; liquid such as: alcohol, gasoline; solid such as: dust, fiber dust)

    2) air and oxygen

    3) Ignition sources such as: open flame, electrical sparks, mechanical sparks, static sparks, high temperature, chemical reactions, light and so on.

    Explosive substances: Many production sites will produce some flammable substances. Approximately one third of the coal mine has explosive substances. In the chemical industry, about 80% of the production workshop has explosive substances. Oxygen is ubiquitous. Ignition source: the production process using a large number of electrical instruments, a variety of friction caused by EDM, mechanical wear sparks, static sparks, high temperature, etc. are inevitable. So the objective of many industrial occasions to meet the conditions of the explosion, so take the explosion and improve the awareness of explosion is necessary.

    2.Explosion protection

    To prevent the explosion must proceed from the three necessary conditions of the explosion, to limit any of these conditions, can avoid the occurrence of the explosion. Usually in the industry, from the following three aspects of flammable and explosive occasions to organize:

    1) the possibility of preventing or minimizing the leakage of flammable and explosive materials.

    2) do not have or as little as possible easy to produce spark of electrical components.

    3) to take the method of nitrogen and so maintain the inert state.