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The Filtrate Nature Is The Primary Consideration For Filter Press Cleaning

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For the non-automatic cleaning device filter press, the regular work, the fuselage and the internal will appear when the use of some of the waste and waste residue, this time on the need for filter press cleaning work to ensure efficient and efficient pollution Mud treatment effect. And cleaning work is hard, the first thing to consider is the nature of the filtrate, so as to choose the appropriate cleaning method.

   Before cleaning,Zhejiang Longyuan filter press remind you, the first thing need to understand the nature of filtrate, and thus select the appropriate cleaning method:

    1, select the weak base of the water filter soak, the general soak 10 to 24 hours,

    2, then the filter cloth rub, repeat with water after washing, and then dry to 90% can be re-operation.

    3, to deal with acidic or neutral filtrate, then the solution will be soaked into weak acid on it.

    And then is the cleaning of the filter cloth:

    1, the filter cloth from the frame removed, and then soaked in water.

    2, hand rub again and again, plus detergent is also good.

    3, you can also use the brush, home shoes brush is ok, brush the impurities on the filter cloth. Brush clean, and then replaced with water to rinse.

    4, if the filter cloth is acidic, then you can use alkaline solution to soak the filter cloth.

    5, if the filter cloth is alkaline solution can be used acidic to soak the filter cloth.

    Filter press at work, filter cloth and long-term contact with the filtrate, coupled with the external pressure is too high, resulting in more and more solid particles attached to the filter cloth. If the filter is not timely cleaning, it will lead to the use of filter press in the future problems, affecting the life of the filter press, serious cases will lead to plugging filter, which may burn the filter. So choose the right way to clean the filter press is particularly important.