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The food industry's most widely used filter press


The development of the food industry has begun to use the filter press, then the most widely used is the membrans filter, and why the food industry have chosen to use the membrans filter press?

        Traditional filter press and membrans filter press compared to the traditional filter press will show a lot of deficiencies, such as the filter press, in the late feed pump pressure is too large, it will cause a waste of energy consumption, And the filter time is too long and the effect is very general, there is no cake when the formation of washing channel, for the late cleaning is very inconvenient.

        Membrans filter is different, because it has two membrans at both ends of the membrans, through and outside the formation of the filter room, which has a very good effect on dehydration. There is a benefit that it will greatly shorten the filtration cycle, which effectively improve the efficiency, and the membrans filter press is through high pressure press, filter cake solid rate is also effective to enhance the quality of work will greatly improve.