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The future development of filter press is technology-centric

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 China's filter press equipment development progress faster, in the food, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other areas of continuous innovation, China's filter press network to further analyze the future direction of development, concluded that the future development of environmental protection-based, in the final analysis is the technology development of.

    Filter press technology innovation, the impact of the development of energy-saving filter is energy-saving environmental protection, due to filter press, plate and frame filter press is also a kind of environmentally friendly machinery and equipment, so the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection will be in the future market There are restrictions on energy consumption and noise may have a clear numerical requirements, and ultimately rely on technical means to achieve more stringent environmental requirements.

    The most important factor affecting the development of filter press is technology, and now we understand the filter press manufacturing industry rarely have their own technology research and development center, in the technology can not continue to innovate. As the filter for the basic realization of a comprehensive automation, technological innovation has also entered a stage of evolution, some technology as long as the market has been published, the whole industry will flock to, because the technology is not very Good protection, leading to the whole industry is not technical innovation. To provide an ideal and reliable equipment.

    The future industry hopes to form an effective protection of new technologies, on the one hand to promote the enthusiasm of everyone's enthusiasm, on the other hand is also a positive means to achieve environmental protection for domestic filter press equipment to enter the overseas market to build stronger strength.