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The main theme of the future development of the filter press

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Throughout the development of filter press industry in recent years, the filter press market has become increasingly large, more industries need to filter the support of equipment to complete the necessary work. Despite the good momentum of development, we need to clearly develop the main theme, in the right direction can only sustained and steady development.

    Energy conservation and environmental protection is a hot topic today, the rapid development of society brought about by the environmental pollution issues are increasingly concerned about the people, in order to energy-saving emission reduction, more and more energy-efficient environmental products turned out to bring convenience for the user for the environment Made a contribution. In the filter press is the most recommended is the diaphragm filter, the entire structural features are environmentally friendly performance, such as low moisture content that can fully squeeze the dry body of water to reduce the secondary operation, reducing the consumption of water resources. Filter cloth with a tensile, easy to clean replacement. High operating efficiency directly reduces the energy consumption, the operation process is safe and stable, the noise is small. Its significant environmental benefits not only make it easier to use but also improve work efficiency.

    Automation, a machine can also become the focus of the development of filter press found that this not only saves human resources, but also for the operation to bring security. With the introduction of automation technology and integration, and now the filter press products, whether in operation or in operation, much simpler than before, and has been widely praised.

    The future of the filter press market will be environmentally friendly, high degree of automation of the multi-functional filter press market world, so the filter press enterprises should advance with the times, always insight into the market demand, grasp the opportunity to meet difficulties in the product Performance and quality efforts, in order to obtain a larger market share.

    Zhejiang Longyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd., the leading filter press manufacturer in China, specialized in chamber filter press, membrane filter press and automatic filter press. Our company has obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system and ISO14001:2004 certificate of environment management system.

    The filter press machine has been exported to America, Italy, Australia, Poland, Russian, Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam and etc…