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The reason why the filter press can not be sealed


Want to buy a good filter press must understand the filter press, then the filter press filter room can not seal the reason I believe that many people do not understand it, today, Zhejiang Longyuan filter press will take you to understand this problem.

        There are many reasons why the filter chamber can not be sealed. First observe the filter chamber around, check the filter cloth is wrinkled, or the edge of the filter cloth is incomplete, because the filter chamber is composed of filter cloth with a combination of filter plate, filter plate is generally not a problem, then the The biggest is the filter cloth, and if the filter cloth wrinkles or the phenomenon of incomplete edge and the filter plate will be between the gap, then the filter room will not be sealed.

        The second is the problem of stress. The filter chamber is also formed by the strong resistance of the filter cloth and the filter plate. When the pressure is too small, the filtrate will flow out of the gap.