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Automatic Pressure Filter Process Intensification And Prospect

Separation of heterogeneous system is indispensable to the automatic filter press in the production of a unit operation, the study of the separation process, mainly focusing on the separation method of strengthening and optimizing the structure of equipment. Process research in particular, in terms of filtering media, equipment, materials or equipment on the structure there are much room for development.
Intensification of settlement process. Automatic filter press in sedimentation, choose a suitable separation equipment is the key to achieve high separation efficiency. For gas-solid mixture, due to uneven distribution of particle diameter, so choose according to the particle size distribution of the particles suitable separation equipment. D>50 μ m magistrates or gravity sedimentation equipment d>5 μ m magistrates or centrifugal equipment d<5 μ m magistrates or ESP, bag filters, scrubbers.
Automatic pressure filter for liquid-solid mixtures, not only particles, particle size distribution, to also consider the size of the solid content in order to choose the right equipment for separation. D>50 μ m filter centrifuge can be used; d<50 μ m by pressure filtration equipment solid content of <1% sedimentation tank, spin-liquid separator, separators of settlement; 1%~10% content of solid plate and frame filter presses; solid content >10% filtering centrifuge can be used; content of solid >50% vacuum filter can be used, and so on.