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Details Determine Success Or Failure , Buy Sludge Filter Press Need To Shop Around

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With the sludge disposal market fires, now the market filter press manufacturers are numerous, the need for sludge disposal of customers how to identify, to buy sludge filter press? If you buy inappropriate sludge filter Machine repair is a small matter, it is important to delay the project process, the loss is big.

So customers in the purchase of sludge filter press to keep the eyes, shop around, carefully selected, resist shoddy, choose high quality sludge filter press.

So in addition to shop around, to study the credibility of sludge filter manufacturers, then what kind of filter press is good quality? First of all, we can look at the filter press filter room is normal, if the filter room Of the seal is not good, or material failure, which will affect the normal operation of the filter press, so we must pay attention to the purchase time to check carefully.

Second, the regular inspection of the pump whether the phenomenon of mud leakage, under normal circumstances, half a month or a month to check once, to ensure the normal operation of the filter press.

Finally, the need to check the equipment to start the control of these gas aspects of the inspection is also necessary to check the stomatal valve and the valve is normal. Of course, in the installation and commissioning process must be carefully test run, listen to the sound is very noisy, if a little increase in current, then there will be no line burned the situation, the machine parts of the place where there is wipe or wear The phenomenon.