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Effect Of Hydraulic Oil Selection And Use On Filter Press Life

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Filter press in the course of the main use of hydraulic oil as a pressure carrier to pass the internal pressure, therefore, hydraulic oil also directly affects the normal operation of the filter press and its filtering effect. However, many people in the daily use of the filter press, and did not realize the importance of hydraulic oil, the use of hydraulic oil is often blind choice of brand and measurement. This will not only affect the long-term maintenance of the filter press, but also may lead to mechanical damage and adhesion. So in the end how to choose and use of hydraulic oil, let us explain it for everyone.

       A mechanical operation requires oil as an aid, partly in order to achieve the lubrication effect, the other part may be in order to achieve the transmission effect, and hydraulic oil and the relationship between the filter is the case. The hydraulic oil not only helps the filter press run better and smoother, but also effectively prevents it from wear and tear, which is very important for the use of oil. Now the market sales of filter press with a lot of types of hydraulic oil, people in the choice of time, should be from the pressure of the filter press system to choose. However, we remind the user, not all of the pressure value of the system needs more hydraulic oil, the user also according to the filter itself and the internal structure of the work to choose.

       The correct choice and the use of hydraulic oil not only effectively increase the filter between the matching effect, but also help to increase the life of the filter press. Today, through the introduction , the user has a certain understanding of the use of hydraulic filter oil, then please remember the points of these choices, not because of the error use of hydraulic oil, resulting in damage to the filter press.