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Experience And Precautions For Installation Of Filter Press Base


Many customers in the base installation to ignore some of the problems, resulting in the filter in the future operation of the process of shaking serious, affecting the efficiency, then how to avoid this situation, today Longyuan filter press network to share a few pressure Experience in the installation of the filter base.

        1, The first thing to do is to install the filter on the flat concrete, which is particularly vulnerable to the user to ignore, many users are free to find a place to install, do not pay attention to the reserved use of space, to after the use of a lot of troubles, so I hope you pay attention.

        2, In addition to the need to feed the end of the thrust plate feet with anchor bolts, the anchor bolt positioning with two nuts, and the installation staff must ensure that the beam and thrust plate to maintain vertical.

        Generally note that these problems, the filter press base is installed in place, of course, in order to filter the filter work efficiently, light attention to the base installation is not enough, there are many other parts need to pay attention,in the future Longyuan filter press network will share these experiences with you.