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Filter Cloth The Development Prospects

With the increasing emphasis on the atmospheric environment and indoor air quality, Filter Cloth the promulgation and implementation of a series of environmental regulations has made air filtration materials play an increasingly important role in environmental management and have developed by leaps and bounds. Filter Cloth Air filter materials in the international filter material in the six major markets (including filter, automotive filtration, air filtration, membrane filtration, liquid filtration, filter bag) has been ranked third, Filter Cloth the international filter material market, the fastest growing part.

Air filter areas include dust bag (mainly for the cement industry), hot air filtration, ventilation filtration, air conditioning and so on. As the non-woven fabric has a unique three-dimensional network structure, the filter medium pore distribution evenly, in the same filter can be completed on the initial effect, Filter Cloth efficiency, efficient multi-level filtration, and even ultra-fine filtration. Nonwovens filter not only can be processed into a high degree of fluffy production, and can be made into close products; both can be processed into ordinary thin products, but also made of special ultra-thick products and simple production, Filter Cloth so use a very wide , Can be used for a variety of gas, liquid, solid-phase mixture separation, has broad prospects for development. With the continuous development of filtration technology, applications have been developed for the field of special filter nonwovens filter material has also been developed.

(1) filter out the blood of white blood cells in the non-woven fabric in the blood transfusion of blood in the white blood cells, can eliminate a variety of transfusion reactions, Filter Cloth improve the medical level. Removal of white blood cells, foreign has developed to use non-woven fabric filter through a special process made of the third generation of white blood cell filters.

(2) Nonwovens for shielding electromagnetic radiation The nonwoven fabric for shielding electromagnetic radiation has been unveiled at the international nonwovens exhibition, which can be made of wall covering, curtains, used in computer rooms, External electromagnetic interference, Filter Cloth and can prevent electronic information leakage.

(3) on the acoustic frequency of the non-woven fabric with the rapid development of sound system, people are increasingly demanding sound quality, the frequency is also more stringent control. Although the FM amplitude modulation technology can meet the demand, but the input over broadband phase can be processed by nonwovens to meet the requirements of frequency. In the development of such products, Filter Cloth the material must be used in the acoustic aspects of research, in order to create a meet the requirements of the product.

(4) negative ion air filter material in the air conditioning operation process, installed in the air conditioning filter in the negative air filter material in the filter dust at the same time, Filter Cloth the use of air flow friction bamboo carbon particles and produce a large number of negative ions. Mainly used for central air conditioning and the new outlet and air outlet air filter.

(5) flame retardant high temperature non-woven filter ordinary flame retardant filter is made by conventional methods of the filter, and then by coating method for processing. Filter Cloth This filter has a poor flame retardant effect, short life, suitable for general occasions. Filter Cloth By the polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide, poly-meta-amide and other high-temperature fiber directly from the filter made of high temperature, long life, high precision, with a permanent flame retardant. Filter Cloth But its price is expensive and used on special occasions.

(6) antistatic non-woven filter static electricity on people have a direct hazard, savings to a certain stage there will be the risk of explosion. Antistatic filter material can be made directly with conventional filter material for conductive treatment, Filter Cloth can also be used conductive fiber blending.

(7) biodegradable nonwovens filter As people pay attention to the environment, biodegradable nonwovens more and more attention. Filter Cloth This filter medium reduces its environmental pollution through its own biodegradation.

The application of filter materials more and more widely, Filter Cloth the development will be more rapid rather than weaving filter material