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Filter Plate Daily Maintenance

The hydraulic system of the plate and frame filter press is mainly to provide pressure, Filter Plate when the oil chamber A increase the oil when the piston to the left movement, the pressure plate to make it sealed. When the oil chamber B oil increases when the piston to the right movement, Filter Plate filter press release. As a result of manufacturing precision, filter press hydraulic system failure less, as long as attention to routine maintenance on it. As a result of wear and tear, every year or so there will be oil leakage phenomenon, Filter Plate then we must repair the replacement O-ring.

Common pressure filter hydraulic failure and pressure can not hold and hydraulic cylinder to promote inappropriate. The main reason for this is to remove and check the valve, Filter Plate replace the O-ring, clean check the solenoid valve or replace the solenoid valve. Filter Plate The main reason is to remove the valve, replace the O-ring, clean the solenoid valve or replace the solenoid valve. Filter press hydraulic cylinder to promote inappropriate is obviously the air was sealed inside, then as long as the system can be pumping, Filter Plate and can be quickly resolved. Filter plate is a key device in the water treatment process, in the filter to play the filter layer filter and backwash water (gas) dual role. The quality of the filter plate (especially the smoothness and accuracy of the filter plate) is directly related to the water plant, sewage treatment plant water quality,Filter Plate water and long-term operation. The traditional filter water distribution system filter and backwash when the resistance, water distribution is not uniform, more than the dead water, the filter is easy to compaction, mud, Filter Plate at the same time due to local flushing strength caused by the support layer loose, there are leakage and other adverse consequences.

The filter plate adopts vertical steel mold casting, water-cement ratio, fine stone, quartz sand and other materials, the product strictly enforce the relevant national standards, Filter Plate according to the design requirements of the opening ratio, embedded ABS plastic embedded casing, with double Layer two-way high-quality rebar. Using high-grade cement, standard fine stone and quartz sand, by mechanical mixing, Filter Plate tamping and pouring system. The upper and lower sides of the filter plate per square meter level error ± 1mm. Filter installed to achieve the whole pool error ≤ 5mm high precision, and the four sides neat, without traps missing, fully meet the filter design specifications.