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Filter Plate Design And Construction

(1) Installation of construction organization design and construction plan

Installation should be organized before the installation of construction personnel familiar with the design and construction drawings, technical specifications,Filter Plate manufacturers of the installation of technical information and product manuals, assembly drawings;

Invite design units and relevant management units to the construction site to carry out design disclosure, fully understand the design intent and all technical requirements;

Installation plan and safety technical measures should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of safety technical standards and product technical documents.

(2) Basic provisions of installation and construction

Before the installation of equipment 30d, Filter Plate the construction plan shall be submitted to the unit, supervising engineer and equipment supplier, including: Installation preparation, installation plan, personnel arrangement, construction facility arrangement, etc., Technology, Filter Plate quality and safety construction method;

After acceptance of equipment installation Foundation, Filter Plate the equipment installation work can be carried out;

Should be under the guidance of the manufacturer of the equipment according to the construction drawings and installation instructions, as well as the corresponding technical standards and specifications to carry out equipment installation, when contradictions arise, whichever is more stringent.

installation of filtration process equipment

The filter is one of the structures with complex structure and difficult construction in the water treatment structure, which is made up of clear water area and the filter plate, Filter Plate the filter material layer and the muddy water area are composed; The water still contains a certain amount of suspended matter after precipitation and clarification, and through filter, the suspended substance in water is trapped under the filter material adsorption, so that the turbidity of the filtered water reaches the standard of drinking water;

After the filter material is adhered to a certain amount of suspended solids, the porosity of the filter material decreases and the filtration speed is reduced, so that the filter material should be backwash to recover the filtration ability. In order to ensure filtration effect of filter material, Filter Plate it is necessary to strictly control the construction quality of each link of process equipment.

There are more process equipment in the filter, wherein the filter plate comprises a supporting beam, a filter beam, a filter plate and a filter head, and the filter material layer is composed of a support layer, a filter material (quartz sand or anthracite), a water inlet pipe and a backwash collecting tank. Filter Plate These process equipments are usually installed by civil construction units.

Pressure Filter Filter Plate appears this situation, may be the guide rod Grease, excessive stains, so that the guide rod and contact parts of the friction too large, hydraulic oil cylinder circuit is not normal. To deal with similar problems, to clean the guide rods in time, and coated with butter, Filter Plate to ensure that its lubrication, especially to note that the point is strictly prohibited in the guide rod to wipe the dilute oil, because the oil is easy to drop down the bottom is very slippery, staff operation overhaul when very easy to fall, Filter Plate to pay more The other is to check whether there is a squeeze or a blockage of the circuit, so that the oil circuit unblocked.