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Filter Plate Guidance And Coordination

Filter Plate Installation: Installation smoothness of the filter plate is to ensure that the distribution of water evenly distributed health, the requirements must be on each side of the filter plate edge of the horizontal instrument to measure adjustment, Filter Plate to ensure that the standard. Filter Plate sealing: The seal of the indirect seam of the filter plate is the key to ensure the uniformity of the distribution of the filter plate. The requirements must be strictly in accordance with the operation procedures to ensure tight sealing airtight, leakage

1. According to the request of the tender, the fixed filter plate with the embedded bolts.

2. The company sent technical personnel to the installation of embedded parts in the filter, the required clearance in the pool, elevation control and other technical guidance and coordination

According to the technical requirements and design drawings of tender to the installation personnel to carry out technical disclosure, learning about "norms", "Filter Plate standards" and the requirements of the tender documents, clear installation points and relevant quality standards

A, with a wire brush to remove the surface of the concrete dust and debris, and water washed clean, keep the base surface moist but no beach. Filter Plate For concrete defects such as honeycomb, pock, etc., should first be repaired with cement mortar to wipe the water leakage point can be blocked by plugging material or buried grouting pipe drainage, to the strength of the waterproof layer of acrylic milk after the grouting plugging.

b, first on the base Filter Plate surface spraying or brushing 1mm acrylic milk.

C, will be mixed with a good sealant into the spray gun, spraying pressure control in 0.4 to 0.5Mpa, spray gun with the base surface of the distance to maintain in 30-40mm. The Lance movement should be suspended and even. The thickness of the coating can reach 5mm, after each spray to wipe the flat, but not after the initial coagulation pressure flat operation.

D, after coagulation in the humid environment for 3-5 days, and then as dry as possible to maintain, 7-10 days after the use can be put into operation.