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Filter Plate Specialty

Filter plate is the main component of the filter press cake, Filter Plate filter plate performance directly affects the efficiency of the filter press, cost input, maintenance and maintenance workload. Rubber filter plate performance is better, the rubber filter plate with a lighter weight, Filter Plate damage to the filter cloth is not too serious, the filter plate after the slime easy to handle; at the same time improve the filter press sealing performance, production conditions; Top pressure, reduce the amount of maintenance.

Rubber filter plate is its unique characteristics of elasticity,Filter Plate but in use, due to the long-term use of the deformation of the filter plate serious, to the side of the bulging, resulting in a large number of filter plate due to deformation of cake thickness and sealing; Surface due to long-term extrusion, rubber elasticity or aging cracking, fatigue problems.

  Rubber filter plate prone to poor discharge performance, poor drainage or water bag phenomenon, affecting the cake effect. The main reasons are the following: filter cloth damage, Filter Plate the solid material into the outer layer of the filter cloth, the part of the groove; poor quality filter or flush is not timely, affecting the effect of water; old rubber filter plate system is trench, if Filter cloth is not flat, to the filter press feeding, the filter cloth by the pressure, wrinkle part of the back into the tank, plug the drain trench, affecting the drainage effect; filtrate drainage system block, did not timely cleaning, The particle size, Filter Plate concentration, pressure and so on have different effects on the discharge performance.

Rubber filter plate on both sides of the handle fastening bolts broken and connected iron plate off. Filter plate on both sides of the handle and the filter plate with a rubber cushion layer, Filter Plate the two are not rigid body structure, resulting in a certain number of shear force after the break to break or pull off. Filter plate handle is three iron plate welding, the outside and then covered with a piece of iron welded together, Filter Plate easy to pull off the whole, so that the filter plate scrapped. Solution: remove the filter plate and the handle of the joint surface of the rubber, so that the combination of the two is rigid body connection; the original bolt fastening structure to double-headed silk, double mother fastening; strengthen maintenance, often check the handle tight Solid bolt tightening situation, Filter Plate found loose and timely tightening; Filter Plate consider the filter plate rigid body as a whole structure.

Van filter press the general thickness of the filter between 60 ~ 85mm, each filter plate are square, in the filter plate on both sides of the reduced about 40mm to the internal concave down, the general depression down to the depth of about 25mm, The point is also dissatisfied with a high about 8mm protrusion, Filter Plate can be round, you can make the bar. This is the role of the filter plate in the process of re-filtration of the filter cake produced a good contact, so as to support the role of cake.

  Van filter press filter structure there are different, Filter Plate it has two kinds of filter plate structure: the general filter plate and the border of the filter plate. Border filter plate is used to insert the filter plate of the square half of the phase made. Filter Plate These two kinds of filter plate staggered into the frame filter press filter room.