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Filter Plate The Role

Van filter press the general thickness of the filter between 60 ~ 85mm, Filter Plate each filter plate are square, in the filter plate on both sides of the reduced about 40mm to the internal concave down, the general depression down to the depth of about 25mm, Filter Plate The point is also dissatisfied with a high about 8mm protrusion, Filter Plate can be round, you can make the bar. This is the role of the filter plate in the process of re-filtration of the filter cake produced a good contact, so as to support the role of cake.

Van filter press in the middle of the filter plate, also with a hole through the hole, which feed the pipe, generally in the diameter of 100mm. And in the recess below or around, with a drainage hole, Filter Plate connected with the drainage pipe, the filtered liquid discharged from the equipment. Filter Plate Both sides are the same. Between the filter plate and filter cloth, the general filter cloth for a set of two, through the middle of the filter plate through a small number of filter cloth cylinder connected, Filter Plate so that you can well include the filter plate.

Van filter press filter structure there are different, Filter Plate it has two kinds of filter plate structure: the general filter plate and the border of the filter plate. Border filter plate is used to insert the filter plate of the square half of the phase made. These two kinds of filter plate staggered into the frame filter press filter room.

The hydraulic system of the plate and frame filter press is mainly to provide pressure, when the oil chamber A oil pressure increases when the piston to the left movement, Filter Plate the pressure plate to make it sealed. When the oil chamber B oil increases when the piston to the right movement, filter press release. As a result of manufacturing precision, filter press hydraulic system failure less, as long as attention to routine maintenance on it. As a result of wear and tear, every year or so there will be oil leakage phenomenon, Filter Plate then we must repair the replacement O-ring.

Common pressure filter hydraulic failure and pressure can not hold and hydraulic cylinder propulsion is not appropriate. The main reason for this is to remove and check the valve, Filter Plate replace the O-ring, clean check the solenoid valve or replace the solenoid valve. The main reason is to remove the valve, Filter Plate replace the O-ring, clean the solenoid valve or replace the solenoid valve. Filter press the hydraulic cylinder to promote the inappropriate is obviously the air was sealed inside, then as long as the system can be pumping, and can be quickly resolved.

For some industries, Filter Plate the filter press may be the pressure into the pressure environment will not be so big, and each piece of the filter plate area requirements will not exceed 800mm * 800mm, while the use of the filter area has a certain limit, Filter Plate I You can consider using a thickness of 45mm. This filter plate can make the filter press across the length of 80% reduction, but also to reduce the filter area of the filter, Filter Plate the release of a lot of space. But also to reduce the filter press load, so that the use of filter more reasonable.

For the thickness of 60mm, this is the international standard filter press plate thickness, so the thickness of a wide range of use, but also to filter the performance of the highest, Filter Plate not only makes the filter can be up to 25 MPa Pressure normal work, but also make the filter plate more wear, pressure, can withstand the impact of hard objects and pressure. And the thickness of the filter plate reached 60mm, the filter plate storage filter cake space also increased, reducing the number of times the filter press cycle, Filter Plate increasing the efficiency of filter press filter, while increasing the storage capacity of the filter cake, but The filter cake is applied to the gravity of the filter press and therefore does not add excessive load to the filter press. Filter Plate Is to use 60mm filter plate filter can improve the overall performance.