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Plate And Frame Type Filter Press Filtration Principle

Plate and frame type filter will filter into two categories, namely cake filtration (also called surface filtration) and deep bed filtration. Cake filtration time suspension on one side of the filter media, filter media is often used for porous fabrics, mesh size may be larger than the diameter of the particles in suspension. Therefore, in the initial stage of filtering, there will be some particles enter the filtrate through the pores of the filter media, there will also be some particles into the media channel "bridging" phenomenon, with the filter, on the media form a cake layer, called cake. Continuous thickening of a plate-and-frame filter cake is the real and effective filter media, only then did the liquid through the filter cake becomes clarified filtrate. Typically, filters start to get cloudy filtrates, in the filter cake formation back to filter. Accumulation of deep bed filtration by sand, medium as a filter medium, medium layer is thick, medium layer constitutes a long and tortuous channel, channel size is greater than the diameter. Filter, particles with the liquid into the media channel, in the presence of inertia and non, entering the channel coated the surface of solid particles by electrostatic and force. Deep bed filtration is often used for small particle concentration (vol <0.1%) for the occasion.