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The Filter Press Is A Good Helper For Wood Processing

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     Forestry, wood processing waste generated due to different production processes and different water quality, but generally the main raw material cooking wastewater, hot grinding wastewater, chemical synthesis process of dehydration wastewater and cleaning wastewater, these wastewater pollution is strong, some temperature High, and some contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemical composition, governance standards have a certain degree of difficulty, then the role of the filter press to highlight it.

    Filter press for its processing capacity to run continuously, low operating costs, low water cake, easy operation and maintenance advantages, more and more by the wood industry to accept. In the wood sewage sludge treatment, the need to use waste as waste treatment methods, recycling water to reduce the total amount of waste water, wood sewage treatment process is generally biochemical, physical and chemical methods such as the combination. In the process of slag water separation and dewatering system, the filter press can effectively play the role of filter press filter cake formed in a large number of wood dust, sawdust, shavings, etc., can be transported directly to the thermal center for fuel incineration , Ash and slag, can be used as fertilizer.

    At the same time,we found that the filter press working conditions such as: filter cake moisture conntet, hourly handling capacity, trouble-free working hours and the filter itself process technology, the use of materials and flocculants have a great choice relationship. Therefore, in the production process, our website filter press enterprise technical staff also go deep into the wood sewage treatment unit, combined with the actual situation to develop a more scientific sewage treatment program to enhance the use of filter press performance.