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The Filtrate Is Cloudy,Is The Cloth Broken?

800 Seriest Chamber Pressure Filter

When the filter press working, the filtrate muddy phenomenon, people will think that is the filter cloth broken, of course, because the filter cloth is easy to break, but it is not true, the cause of this phenomenon, there are many, from the filtrate turbidity you can determine whether the filter is broken, the following to teach you how to determine what causes the turbidity of the phenomenon.

        If it is a slight turbidity, there is such a slight turbidity is likely to filter cloth or intact, but because the choice of filter cloth caused by excessive holes, filtered over the size of the particles through the solid. In short, the hole caused by excessive muddy phenomenon is very slight, if the turbidity is more serious when it is possible to filter cloth broken.

        There is when the equipment is running, it will cause turbidity, but this is a normal phenomenon, is a filter press operation process.