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Why the filter cloth is the heart of the filter press?

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Filter press is used for a special filter medium, apply a certain pressure to the object, the mixture of solid extraction, liquid dialysis out to achieve the role of solid and liquid separation of a mechanical equipment.

       In this process, the area must be through the filter cloth, and if there is no filter cloth, then the whole separation of the filter will work no effect! The filter cloth is sandwiched between the plate and the frame sealing surface to form a sealed gasket within the filter plate and the frame-shaped sealing surface, the filter surface supporting the filter cloth is covered with a groove, and all the grooves and the channel of the discharge filtrate are communicated, A filter press is composed of a plurality of parallel filter chambers, each of which has a filter layer which prevents the solid particles from passing through the suspension and allows the filtrate to penetrate, so as to filter and separate!

       For different filtering objects required by the different filtering accuracy, speed, etc., are through the use of different filter press filter, also known as filter filter bag to achieve, each filter press filter is a filter cloth wrapped , For different filter object acid and alkali requirements, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed and other requirements, first determine the use of filter cloth material, model, and then according to the size of the filter plate, shape, processing and matching filter cloth Can only.

       This shows the filter cloth importance of filter press, said it is the heart of the filter press equipment.