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What Can The Waste Filter Press Use?

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Waste filter press depends on your specific degree of scrapping:

1: Hydraulic station scrapped, the hydraulic station can also be a lot of scrapped reasons: the filter plate is not pressed, squeezing but no under pressure, compression pressure exceeded, oil spill, etc., the general reason for the oil line reversed, one-way valve solenoid valve damage, Sealing ring wear, etc., can be rooted in the source, the timely replacement of individual parts of waste into treasure.

2: Rack damage: the rack is relatively durable, broken beam deformation, can only be replaced, do not repair, in the event of an accident will be worth the candle.

3: Filter cloth filter scrapped: is a normal phenomenon, can be deployed feed pump model, hydraulic station pressure is abnormal, timely replacement, because the media filter cloth filter plate life is not the same, so vary , Damage to the filter plate can also be recycled (polypropylene).