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You Do Not Filter The Drinking Water, Your Body Will Become A Filter!


Water pollution is becoming more and more serious, if not filter the drinking water, the human body will become a filter. In fact, Filter press is essential for polluting enterprises.  Followed by the pace of the  article, to understand the harm of the water pollution on the human body it!

【Source example】

Untreated municipal sewage, papermaking wastewater, agricultural wastewater, municipal waste.


Consumption of dissolved oxygen in water, endanger the survival of fish.

Leading to hypoxia in the water, resulting in the need for oxygen microbial death. And these aerobic microorganisms can break down organic matter, maintaining the river, the stream of self-purification capacity. The consequences of their death are: rivers and streams black, smelly, toxins accumulate, hurt people and animals.

Organic and inorganic chemicals

【Source example】

Chemical, pharmaceutical emissions, paper, tannery wastewater, building decoration, dry cleaning industry, chemical lotion, agricultural pesticides, herbicides.


Most of the organic chemicals are toxic, they enter the rivers and lakes will poison or poison the water creatures, causing ecological damage.

Some organic chemicals will accumulate in aquatic organisms, causing human consumption after poisoning. Organic water pollution of water is difficult to clean, human drinking, the body's safety and health are threatened.

Petrochemical detergent

【Source example】

Household and restaurant large quantities of dishwashing detergent.


Most of the washing stones are petrochemical products, difficult to degrade, into the river will not only seriously pollute the water, and will accumulate in the aquatic products, people will be poisoned after eating.

Heavy metals

(Mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, selenium, arsenic, silver, etc.)

【Source example】

Mining and smelting process, industrial waste, tannery wastewater, textile mill wastewater, domestic waste (such as batteries, chemicals).


To people and animals have direct physiological toxicity.

Irrigation of crops with heavy metal water can cause crops to be polluted by heavy metals, causing agricultural products to be toxic. Deposited in the river bottom, the Gulf, through the aquatic plants into the food chain, fish and other aquatic products into the human body.

Filter press is produced for water pollution, early use to reduce the harm to the human body, the human body is essential, once damaged is very difficult to restore, we both protect the health of the family's drinking water, but also reduce the harm to the body, Why not do it?